BSM - New Features

We are constantly updating BSM.  Here is a list of new features 

- Zoom meeting integration 

- Launch Youtube videos and Zoom meetings without sending uel links. Links are entered in the admin screen. 

- Ability to view PDF and image file inside app without any use of third party app.  Great for private documents. 

- Movable YouTube video panel on topic screen. Watch live videos while using the phone to do other functions

- YouTube and Facebook link inside app 

- Topic screen design changes

- Country code picker for phone field 

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Connect with Members and Visitors at their Homes

We have updated our address functionality.

Members and Visitors can now share their home address in three different ways via the Mobile Apps

1. My Current Location 

2. Marker on Virtual Map

3. Enter their Physical Address. 

Why is this important? In countries where the address system is not as well developed, visitors and members can be updated to update their exact location making it easier for the team to do visitation 

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Seventh-Day Adventist Baptismal Certificate

Bible Seminar Management (BSM) allows you to automatically print and sent baptismal certificates directly to baptized members. We have provide a free and fiilable SDA Baptismal Certificate PDF for your use. 

In addition to the basic demographic information, the PDF is also printed with doctrines. To learn more about Seventh Day Adventist baptismal certificates, you can click on following link

Please click here to fill and print the Seventh-Day Adventist Baptismal Certificate

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